Being in the gray area of a romantic relationship (is it even a relationship?!) is a real shitshow. You only have two options: progress to something more or GTFO. Well, technically three, presuming you want to stay in the gray forever. But I’m going to assume you’d prefer a one-way ticket out of limbo, and I don’t blame you. In the meantime, these terms are are a more fun way to refer to one of the most perplexing parts of dating. They’re also handy when you need some comic relief to get you out of your question-filled black grey hole.

Gray-lationship: When your entire relationship is filled with questions about what it actually is.

Cling: It’s casual, it’s a fling (until one of you makes moves to DTR).

Grey’s anatomy-ing: The process of trying to decipher the structure and working parts of the gray area. Charts and graphs are heavily involved.

Hating: The confusing state that lies between hooking up and dating. Also, the way we feel about this phenomenon. 

Gray expectations: When you have hopes and dreams that you’ll get the heck out of this state, but neither you nor the other person or people involved are willing to bring it up first.

Gray-tionary: When you’re doomed to remain stationary in this graphite-colored area. 

IDC: “I’m dating-confused.”