Online dating has all but taken the place of real-life meeting and flirting. And that may seem like a downside of the practice — what are rom-coms for if not to instill the expectation of our very own meet-cute? But you can have an adorable is-this-it encounter, aka, that moment you know it’s love, or could be love, or at least that you would really like to meet this person IRL, on Tinder. Take the seven conversations ahead. They express the same sentiments that might just have given our elders the maybe-this-person-is-special feels but — semi-dream scenario alert — you can experience them without peeking out from behind your phone.

The Multiple-Choice Note Passed In High School

You know the one: It says “Do you like X?” Yes/No/Maybe. It worked then, and it works now.


Credit: Reddit u/TheFusionEra

When You Bond By Commiserating At A Work Function

Neither of you is thrilled to be here, but here you are, so you might as well laugh at it together.


Credit: Reddit u/MediMac99

The Cheesy Pick-Up Artist You Finally Give Into

Sure, you weren’t into his pick-up line the first time, but at some point his persistence became charming.


Credit: Photo: Reddit u/YaBoiTROD

The Coworker You Fall For Over Email

A typo might be low stakes, but a comeback like this is a sign of good things to come.


Credit: Reddit u/CroissantAficionado

The Person You Lose Track Of Time Talking To

You think it’s been a few minutes, but it’s really been hours.


The Joke That Could Be Sarcastic Or Flirtatious

If you need to ask yourself if someone is flirting with you, they’re flirting with you.


Credit: Reddit u/BarbatoBunz

The Stranger You Lock Eyes With At The Hotel Buffet

This is that moment you both reach for the same ’90s breakfast that nobody eats anymore but is quite possibly absolutely the best.