It’s no secret that we’re all relying on words, whether they be spoken or typed, A LOT right now. And sometimes (read: all of the time), words are hard. It’d be really nice if there was some sort of moving image that we could use to supplement them with. Oh, duh, there is, and they’re called GIFs. When you want to flirt but aren’t sure what to say, or just want to add a little spice to your obviously already witty comment, throw one of these in your messages.  

1. Me when we’re finally allowed to go on an IRL date

2. Don’t judge me if I look like this on our FaceTime dinner date tn. 

3. Me + you + pizza + phone + tomorrow =

4. This is the only way I will be greeting you from now on. Questions/comments/concerns?

5. Me pretending to eat healthy on our video date

6. FaceTime margs at 1 p.m.?

7. Can we please do this?

8.What we’re both gonna look like while we Netflix Party

9. Me looking at the clock waiting for our Zoom date to start

10. Me changing out of my sweats to FaceTime you

11. Where’s Sam from “Holes??” We need him now more than ever 😩

12. Them: Wanna FaceTime?


13. Hi from isolation!