When we think of dating apps, we think of Liking, Noping, texting, feeling out the connection, and imagining what the person on the other side of our phone might be like on a date. But when it comes to how to turn a casual conversation into a real-life meeting, things get a little more intimidating.

To pinpoint exactly how two strangers go from texting to talking — and, hey, maybe even give you the inspiration you need to do the same — we’re spotlighting eight Tinder chats that turned into actual, in-person dates. It’s not so scary and awkward after all.

1. Sneak the ask into banter.

If you find yourself in a pleasant back-and-forth that does not resemble real-life circumstances, simply weave the ask into the world you’ve co-created.


Credit: u/Jaredrap

2. Get to the point.

This no-nonsense c̶o̶n̶v̶e̶r̶s̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ rant resulted in two dates — two good dates. Instead of engaging in conversational ping-pong, this dater just asked for the number from the get-go.


credit u/funkyregaeparty

3. Double entendre your way in.

Asking someone out is nowhere near as scary when you have a cheesy line working in your favor. If the opportunity presents itself, seize it.


credit u/SnigaeF

4. Tiptoe with leading questions.

This opener capitalizes on one of the greatest value propositions of dating someone: the chance to borrow their clothes. It’s a nice way to show interest without appearing too thirsty, and it’s the perfect setup for the ask.


credit u/oAkimboTimbo

5. Use the information you’re given.

Since the person they’re speaking to is a lawyer (which is presumably stated in their bio), this poster launched a legal-inspired argument for why they should be allowed 1 (one) date.


credit u/typatt

6. Merge fiction and real life.

In an effort to recapture the magic of the viral Tinder duck, this dater invented their own story. When asked “what do you do,” their charmed messaging partner took the opportunity to ask them out IRL.


credit u/Alanor77

7. Personalize your puns.

Love or hate puns, it’s hard to resist one made with your own name. And if someone responds like this person did, it’s pretty safe to assume they’d be open to a date.


credit u/Jenko

8. If all else fails, invoke IKEA.

Skip the small talk and go right for the big-box store that, let’s face it, is a little intimidating to wander around solo. In fact, this Tinder user says their go-to line has resulted in four first dates.


credit u/M0shka