Oh, rejection. A terrible, yet necessary (yeah, I said it) part of dating. Upon impact, it feels like someone is stabbing you while force feeding you your least favorite food *cough, brussel sprouts, cough*. Not a great vibe, but it’s one of those things that you usually, at some point, get over and heal from. To lighten the pain that is being dismissed, I’m sharing some things I’ve encountered (and I’m sure you have, too) that feel worse than someone refusing to be in your presence.

1. When Postmates doesn’t accept your order (is getting one cookie delivered so much to ask?)

2. When you have an outfit idea in your head, try it on, and discover it looks the least cute it possibly could look

3. When someone ruins the ending of a show for you

4. When you find out your parents have other important things in their life besides you (no, Mom, I won’t answer when you call, but I expect you to answer me at all times.)

5. When you’re both typing, both stop to see what the other person says, and then the conversation ends

6. When someone asks if they can have the last mozzarella stick, which you really wanted but you don’t want to look greedy or be rude, so you sit there fuming while they cheese-pull the hell out of that thing

7. When a chip is too large to fit in your mouth in one bite but you try to anyway and it slices the corners of your mouth

8. A blister

9. Every episode of “The Bachelor” (second hand rejection is gross!)

10. When someone doesn’t understand your niche meme reference

11. When you found out that Amanda Bynes got a face tattoo

12. When the powers that be don’t renew your favorite show 

13. When you’re sitting in a meeting not paying attention and someone says your name and your face gets all hot

14. When your phone turns off mid-text to the person you’re crushing on (just me? I have an iPhone 6, and I’m not ashamed.)

15. When you put your hand in the McDonald’s bag and root around only to realize there’s no bonus fry :/

16. Stepping on your dog’s paw and not being able to make them understand you didn’t mean it

17. Chapped lips

18. Chapped anything

19. When you’re on a date and think you have a booger but can’t tell and also can’t find a non-awkward segue to get up to go to the bathroom, so you’re just praying that you don’t have a lil’ boogie third-wheeling

20. When your coworker comes in sick and you feel panicked all day that you’re going to catch whatever type of fresh hell they’re infected with

21. When you find out that your date doesn’t like cheese. I mean…??

22. When you break something in a store and have to figure out how to proceed (the correct answer is to run away.)

23. That time your stepdad had his secretary prank call you the day before you were supposed to get your braces off and claim the orthodontist made a mistake and you actually weren’t getting them off for another year  -_- (my stepdad and I have since resolved our issues.)

24. When the dentist stabs your gums and they start to bleed

25. The what-the-fuck-just-happened feeling at the end of any Netflix true-crime miniseries

26. Prematurely sipping a drink that’s way too hot 

27. Realizing an item you bought at full price is now on sale and you missed the price-adjustment window

28. When celebrities aren’t in love with you

29. When you talk shit about someone at a party and they’re behind you (contrary to popular belief, this does not only happen in movies.)

30. When Timothée Chalamet doesn’t win all of the awards

31. Ponying up any amount of money that’s above $5 

32. Getting that lime squeeze from your taco on a fresh cut