In normal dating life, moving to FaceTime (or Zoom or any other video platform) is a big step — you’ve gotten comfortable enough with the other person to possibly allow them to see your chin at an inexplicably unflattering angle (how do you hold the phone so this doesn’t happen without getting a bicep workout?!). Whether you’ve been on a few dates prior to the pandemic or just matched on Tinder, in today’s dating life, video chats (and texting) are the only ways to create and maintain social connection. But just because virtual dates are the new normal doesn’t make suggesting them any less nerve-wracking. It can be hard to be the first one to suggest a little FT, but here are some caszh ways to get a digital date. 

1. Since I’d normally ask you to hang IRL Thursday, wanna do a FT instead?

2. I need to show you my “office” setup. FaceTime later?

3. You never got to see my place before all of this happened. Wanna do virtual house tours tn?

4. I’m trying a new recipe later. Wanna help me over FaceTime? I can make enough for a doorstep drop off 👨🏻‍🍳.

5. I’m freaking out over Carole Baskin. WTF. Wanna watch the next ep of “Tiger King” together on Netflix Party

6. What’s your take on a glass (or bottle) of wine and FaceTiming later? My thumbs hurt from texting lol.

7. Wanna Zoom and see who can pick the best background? I’m tough competition.

8. Everyone’s going on FaceTime dates. Should we be followers?

9. Would you like to see my very embarrassing childhood bedroom? FT me, I’ll give you the awkward tour.

10. I’ve been staring at the wall for 20 minutes. FaceTime to save my soul?

11. I haven’t physically talked to another human in more than 24 hours. Can we FT so I can warm up my vocal chords?

12. Wanna FaceTime? It’ll give us both a reason to put on our most glamorous sweat outfits. 

13. FaceTime with our respective dogs? Pup needs some canine contact. And owner needs human contact. 

14. Let’s order in from that restaurant we went to last time we hung out and eat together over FaceTime?

15. I know everyone is joking about Zoom dates, but I kinda wanna do it. You down?