Imagine if change was someone else’s problem. Imagine not being able to share an innocent kiss in line at the grocery store. Imagine not being able to hold hands with your S.O. in public. Imagine doing nothing about a glaringly obvious issue that affects millions of people each day. What would you do?

We can’t take LGBTQ rights for granted. Our freedoms today have been afforded to us by the courageous achievements of past activists who broke through barriers of discrimination. And they’re still at risk. From holding hands in public to going to your favorite local bar, our freedoms today are not guaranteed.

Everyone has the right to love.

Today, federal law has failed to protect many LGBTQ Americans from discrimination, and jobs are lost and vital services denied based on sexual orientation every day. And in 30 states, state law also fails to offer these protections. We won’t stand idly by while unjust laws threaten to dismantle the changes previously made in service of inclusivity — we can no longer be complacent when it comes to prejudice within our community. And we ask you to join us in correcting a wrong that has gone on far too long. Change is on all of us.

This is not the time to sit down. It’s time to pass the Equality Act.