Historically, young people aren’t the greatest at showing up on election day. In the 2014 Midterm elections, less than 20 percent of young people voted — a dismal turnout that was, quite literally, the worst ever. Yes, we’re all busy, but come on. We’ve all still managed to find time for Tinder, because on election day in November 2016, we opened the app over 36 million times, spent nearly 120 million minutes on it, and went through more than 380 million profiles. Net net, that means we have time to vote.

A lot is at stake in this election, including issues that will have a huge impact on young people and single people. And waiting in line to vote only takes an average of 10 minutes — the same amount of time it takes to Like or Nope 33 potential matches.

So this November 6, we have a message for you. Take a break from Tinder, and head to the polls. Every single vote counts. And that includes yours.

Psst! Need even more motivation to cast your ballot? Follow Tinder, tweet a picture of you leaving the polls with your “I voted” sticker, hashtag it #EverySingleVote, @tinder, and tag a friend or 50. We’re rewarding the first 200 people to participate with a free 30-minute Boost, because doing your civic duty deserves a spot at the front of the Tinder line.

*To receive one free Boost, tweet a photo of yourself with your “I voted” sticker, hashtag #EverySingleVote and tag @Tinder. Must be 18+ and U.S. resident. First come, first served limited to first 200 Tinder users. User must follow @Tinder and provide Tinder account details via DM for Boost to be granted.