As someone who rode solo for 23 years straight before entering my current relationship, I know better than anyone that being single doesn’t always mean you’re alone. Often, it’s that you have too many options to choose from in the romance department.

In those cases, I strongly suggest making a pro/con list. After all, it puts the facts right in front of your eyes. For example, yes, that one dude may have great hair and be a super responsive texter, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is also a serial cheater. To prove that I have a point with this list-making thing, I asked six friends, each of who are currently caught between prospects, to make them.

Allison is choosing between Joey and Ryder.

Aster is choosing between guy 1, guy 2, and guy 3.

Jen is choosing between Mark and Jared.

Ashley is choosing between Billy and Dominic.

Leigh is choosing between Derek and Nick.

Alex is choosing between Jason and Ryan.

I know who I’d choose. Do you?

All names have been changed.