The world may have gone up in metaphorical (albeit, temporary) flames, but the internet will always find a way to make us laugh. And what better way to use this gift than to interact with our Tinder matches? Sure, we can’t be together in person right now, but at least we can share these hilarious jokes, some of which, yes, are about what it’s like dating in the age of coronavirus. Bask in the comfort of these nine dank dating memes, and know that you aren’t alone.

1. We Can’t Help But Wonder…

Credit: @edditspaghettii

Even during a global crisis, it’s safe to say that Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to “help but wonder.” And who can blame her when so many of us have all this extra time on our hands?

2. It’s Zoom Date Time

Excuse me while I try to find the best angle and lighting in my somehow still messy bedroom. P.S. If you’re getting ready for a Zoom date, consider these helpful tips to make it run smoothly.

3. Star-crossed Lovers

Credit: @acechhh

Two furballs, both alike in yearning. Social distancing, while necessary, sucks, and these forbidden lovers know it.

4. Still A Snack

Credit: @VerneFUNquist

Beauty and the Beast were ahead of their time. Even true love has to abide by the rules of six feet apart.

5. Oh, That’s Why I’m Single

Credit: @jlazebnik

Using COVID-19 as an excuse to avoid asking yourself the big questions is totally valid. And I can guarantee you that once this is all over, I will continue to embrace my self-destructive tendencies.

6. Even A Virus Can’t Handle My Neediness

Credit: @mynameisfrex

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of emotional availability to keep someone (or something) away.  

7. There Are No Breaks In Clowning

Clownery is a full-time job that most of us are continuing to tirelessly pursue at this time.

8. The Great Debate

Credit: jake-clark

You’ll be happy to know that you aren’t selfish for wanting both a little taste of a relationship and the freedom to order from whatever restaurant you damn well please.

9. The Way To My Heart

Credit: The Office / NBC

Texting and video chatting are great, but it’s really all about the memes at the end of the day.