The zodiac and dating — the ultimate match. Maybe you know your sun, moon, rising, and Venus sign and obsessively avoid an entire population of daters because of the month they were born. Maybe you Nope anyone who has their zodiac sign in their Tinder profile because you think the zodiac is dumb (you’re wrong.) Maybe you know nothing about astrology, but you somehow always find yourself on first dates with Scorpios.

IMHO, your astrological sign impacts the way you act on a first date, just like it impacts every aspect of your life. Are you the shy type who giggles and avoids eye contact the entire date? Are you the boss type who wines, dines, and always picks up the bill? Are you likely to obsessively Google your date before you even meet them? You can thank the stars for that. Below, how every zodiac sign acts on a first date.

You like to be in control, and you never play the what-do-you-want-to-do game. You ask someone out with a set plan: You have the restaurant picked out, and you’ve already made a reservation to boot. You’re passionate and confident, so you’re excellent at leading the conversation on a first date. A shy babe will feel at ease with you, since you ask all the right questions.

You are notorious for being stubborn and resisting change but, on the flip side, you are reliable and patient. You put aside your tendency for laziness and never miss a date. You are enthusiastic and present — everyone loves your charisma. On a first date, you’re cracking jokes, confidently ordering more drinks, and getting your date to open up. Yes, they might catch you eyeing the server with the enviable septum piercing, but it only makes them want you more. While you have a tendency to be quite the player, your irresistible charm heightens the odds of a second date.

Sharp, interesting, and adaptable, you are the perfect first date. You show up in your hottest outfit, because you are comfortable in your skin, thank you very much. You tell hilarious stories and you always teach your date something new. Being out with you is like being in a perfectly lit classroom with a gorgeous professor.

You are emotional, needy, clingy, and romantic, and you tend to project all of your fantasies onto your date. That being said, you can make an amazing date, whisking someone into a romance they never thought was possible. You’re prone to gaze into your dates’ eyes and play out how your wedding might look. Post-date, you’re the one obsessively sending screenshots to your group chat, asking your friends what to say next.

Oh Leo. It’s hard for you to meet someone you love as much as yourself. You are a fun, loud, performative first date when you don’t really like someone that much (you tend to date a lot just for the hell of it). But what happens to the mighty lion when they feel a connection? You get a bit shy and nervous. Don’t worry — it’s charming when you show vulnerability. You tend to arrive overdressed and over-eager, and you occasionally drink too much on a first date because you love a party so much. A word from the wise: Take it slow.

Be careful: You tend to fall for the wrong people. On a first date, you get so wrapped up in your craving for a long-lasting deep connection that you may find yourself ignoring red flags. Why is that? You’re quiet and a tiny bit scared of opening up. You have a mysterious hot vibe (I bet you look amazing in glasses) and sometimes the players you attract can’t resist the charm of your complicated nature. Just remember to guard your heart.

Congratulations on being the most universally liked sign. What better evidence is there in favor of being yourself? You have so much to offer: wit, passion, and excellent communication skills. You tend to obsess over a first date. Is dinner and drinks too boring? Should we go rock-climbing instead? WTF do I wear? Yeah, you can be high-strung, but it’s kind of adorable. Just relax, sip your Pinot Grigio, and show your date your true colors.


You already know you have game. It’s not even necessarily about how you look. It’s the energy you give off. You’re happy to have a drink in your hand, lightly touch your date’s arm, and make them blush. You keep the conversation on them, so you don’t reveal too much about yourself. Stay mysterious until you fall in love; it’s kind of your thing.

You love a smart date. Intellect and stimulating conversation are among your top turn-ons, so if your date is boring, you are likely to be found texting your friend to call you and say “something bad happened.” If it were up to you, you’d spent all of your first dates at an art museum. And if your date tells you about the time time they saw Marina Abramović’s “The Artist Is Present?” Consider yourself smitten.

You like being in control, and you like being prepared. You might, for example, already have a bottle of Champagne on the table before your date even walks in. Though you can be very frugal in your everyday life, expense hardly crosses your mind when dating. Whatever your love interest wants, they get.

You are creative, independent, and original. At the same time, you can be emotionally aloof and uncompromising. Do your best to tune in and look for the middle ground in first-date conversations. If you can manage that, you’re likely to be found having an intense intellectual debate over a candlelit table while gripping your date’s arm with passion. Slow down on the whiskey, and don’t let the conversation get too esoteric. When you’re grounded, your date is likely to become obsessed with you.

Given your gentle disposition, it’s hard for a date not to fall for you. You also have the intense Piscean desire to escape reality, so you need a date who understands your dreamy personality. You’re a romantic at heart. On a first date, you’re weeping over the beauty of a painting, holding hands with your date over a movie at an obscure cinema arts theater, or reading a line from your favorite poem. Don’t change — you will find someone as artistic and emotional as you.