Being strategic about what to watch on date night can be the difference between a steamy and snoozy night in with the person you’re seeing. If you curate entertainment that’s in line with your goal for the evening, you can ensure the evening is enhanced, not overshadowed by whatever you choose to watch. Think of it as manifesting your destiny from the comfort of the couch.

Pro tip: Don’t watch “The Ted Bundy Tapes” if you want to ignite a face-sucking fest. And don’t watch “House of Cards” unless you want to drift off into an anxious sleep.

Here’s what to watch if…

1. You Want To Work Up An Appetite: “Chef’s Table”

With five seasons of drool-worthy episodes that explore the creative and adventurous world of the culinary industry, you’ll be playing master chef or writing overzealous Yelp reviews before the end of the night. Just make sure you have the fridge stocked or a dinner reservation booked: This show will literally make you salivate.

2. You Want Your Date To Think About The Future: “The Set Up”

This rom-com is comedy-forward, which means your date is less likely to brush off the mushy story line and more likely to lean in for the laughs. When all is said and done, this story is about a couple that has a future from the start and wastes a lot of time coming to that conclusion. So let this movie subliminally encourage your date to be generous with second chances and see a future for the two of you, too.

3. You Want To See If Your Date Is Squeamish: “American Horror Story”

This show continuously forces its viewers to confront the most gruesome, horrific scenes. You can’t even possibly prepare yourselves for them because they’re so much more disturbing than what your worst nightmares are made of. If you want to test the strength of your date’s stomach, put on an episode of AHS and see how they react.

4. You Want To Gauge Their Kinkiness: “Sex Education”

Keep it light and watch “Sex Education” for some awkward laughs and plot lines that will satisfy whatever unspoken sexual curiosity is sitting between the two of you. This show manages to be incredibly fresh and totally nostalgic at the same time while also serving as a great platform to prompt your own sex education.

The american meme things to watch date night movie

5. You Don’t Want To Be So Into A Show That You Can’t Make Out: “The American Meme”

This program is totally interesting, but because it’s a documentary that’s about exposing the rot in pop culture, its tone remains relatively gentle and superficial. It’s not the kind of doc that you’re going to watch with your jaw on the floor like “FYRE” or give up meat over, like “Vegucation,” it’s the kind of doc that you can watch with interest, but also slip in and out of spit swapping without missing too much. 

6. You Want An Excuse For A Heavy Convo: “You”

This complicated drama leaves its viewers feeling really conflicted about the fact that they want to stop watching, but can’t look away. It’s disturbing, it’s exciting, it’s strangely romantic, and it’s deeply thrilling. After each episode you’ll feel unsettled and horrified, but also kind of sexy, which will make for some very interesting pillow talk.

7. You Want To Make Sure Your Date Has A Heart: “Queer Eye”

This show is so unexpectedly heartwarming, and the general consensus is that it falls somewhere between ugly cry beautiful and soft whimper inspiring. Want to know what your date is really made of? Play an episode of QE and check their cheeks for tears.

8. You Want To Entertain Yourselves While You Digest A Heavy Meal: Schitt’s Creek

This show is absurd, irreverent, and hilarious. It’s the kind of sitcom that’s funny with very little context. You’ll find yourself laughing hysterically without even really understanding why. Each episode is short and crisp, so you can tear through a few while you digest dinner.