Welp, it’s that time of year again — graduation season. Say goodbye to high school and hello to Tinder. While this is a time many spend focused on the vortex of uncertainty that is the future, it’s also a great time to look back on all of the triumphs, missteps, and everything in between that made the past four years your most interesting yet.

Who are we kidding? If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent most of the past four years glued to your iPhone screen. And if we were to put our money on it, most of that screen time was devoted to the likes of Instagram and Twitter. While you may be able to recite the quadratic formula, you can also recall exactly where you were in 2017 when Beyoncé posted the photo that stopped the world (and that’s so much more important).

Though your classmates may have played an important role in your high school saga, it’s safe to say that those who made waves in pop culture these past few years did, too. That’s why we’ve decided to round up the Celebrity Class of 2019 and provide them with superlatives that are more accurate than the BS you’ll see in your yearbook.

Kylie Jenner: Most Likely To Succeed Without ANY Help Whatsoever

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Billie Eilish: Most Likely To Unleash Your Inner Emo

Billie Eilish Obvi GIF by megan motown - Find & Share on GIPHY

Noah Centineo: Most Likely To Steal Your Heart…Then Ghost You

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Charles Melton: Most Likely To Give You Jawline Envy

Ariana Grande: Most Likely To Steal Your Man Yet Have You Apologizing For It

Mariah Carey: Most Likely To Be Crowned Queen of Shade

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Miley Cyrus: Most Likely To Pull Off Multiple Rebrands Before 30

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Jennifer Lopez: Most Likely To Locate the Fountain of Youth

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Jonas Brothers: Most Likely To Relive the Glory Days

Chrissy Teigen: Most Likely To Clap TF Back Then Make You Dinner Afterwards

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Diplo: Most Likely To DJ Your Wedding

KJ Apa: Most Likely To Make A Drastic Post-breakup Hair Change

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse: Most Likely To Glow Up

Beyoncé: Most Likely To Be Crowned Homecoming Queen

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David Dobrik: Most Likely To Make You Ask “What Is He Famous For?”

Liza Koshy: Class Clown

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Kendall Jenner: Most Likely To Start A Revolution

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Rihanna: Most Likely To Take Your Money Without Remorse

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