It goes without saying that dating during COVID-19 has been challenging. We’ve answered your most pressing questions, called out the dos and don’ts of virtual dating, and provided a script for suggesting a FaceTime match. Still, the question remains of what exactly to do on a date — no matter how long you’ve been talking to the person. 

Whether you’ve decided it’s safe to get together IRL or are continuing to social distance, there’s nothing quite like a good old movie night (or afternoon, for that matter). There’s also something special about seeing Black romance on screen — and for many people in the country who may be just waking up to the importance of Black representation in culture, there’s no better time to dig in. Now, thanks to apps like Netflix Party, Zoom, Houseparty, and FaceTime, you can tune into one of these Black rom-coms that always make for a good time.

Think Like A Man”

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Put a few leading comedians on the bill, throw in a bit of romance, and you have yourself a must-see. Starring the hilarious Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, and Gary Owens, “Think Like a Man” follows four women as they embark on a journey to find love. Each has a list of what makes the perfect partner, and each sees it put to the test every step of the way.

What Men Want

Streaming on Hulu

We know the 2000’s “What Women Want.” This time around, it’s 2019 and the roles are reversed. In this well-done remake, the lead, played by Taraji P. Henson, uses her injury-induced ability to hear men’s thoughts to defy sexism while finding love in what once seemed like a hopeless place.

The Best Man”

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

“The Best Man” is an oldie but a goodie. Audiences loved this film so much that it bred two spinoffs: “The Best Man Holiday” and “The Best Man Wedding.” At its core, “The Best Man” is about a group of friends, their careers, their failures, and, of course, the romantic entanglements within the group that are revealed prior to one of their wedding days. Although this film was released in the late ’90s, the themes and messages still resonate.


Streaming on Netflix and Hulu

If you can only choose one movie to watch with the person you’re seeing, let it be “Hitch.” Unlike most rom-coms, it focuses on two main story lines, rather than highlighting a single love story. Watching the on-screen chemistry between Will Smith and Kevin James, whose Smith’s character is supposed to help find love, and their romantic setbacks with their love interests will easily lift your mood. “Hitch” is beyond quotable, smooth and sexy. Perfect!

The Lovebirds”

Streaming on Netflix

Let’s be honest: We all love to watch couples bicker on screen. “The Lovebirds,” which was recently released on Netflix, strikes the perfect balance between comedy and romance to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanijani, the film follows a couple who seems to have grown apart but find themselves in a predicament where they have to rely on each other to survive. Along the way, they rediscover why they cared about each other to begin with and realize they maybe threw in the towel too quickly. It all makes for a light-hearted rom-com that delivers a hefty dose of bliss.

Love Jones”

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

“Love Jones” is an instant classic that is all too relatable. Starring Larenz Tate and Nia Long, it tells the story of two individuals whose romance includes managing feelings for an ex and meeting a new flame, all while juggling your career. Emotions run high in this classic tale of meeting the perfect person at the wrong time. We’ve all been here, amirite?

Two Can Play That Game”

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Vivica A. Fox plays a woman who appears to have mastered the dating game — for herself and her friends. But when her own love story goes awry she is forced to create a plan to straighten out her relationship. “Two Can Play That Game” is a reminder that sometimes we have to steer away from our plans and be humble, vulnerable, and open to change — even when it’s uncomfortable.

Brown Sugar”

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Sometimes you go looking for love only to realize it’s been beside you all along. “Brown Sugar” follows two friends who have great careers but feel unfulfilled. Only when they get serious with other people do they realize perhaps their friendship has always been a bit more than just platonic.

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