They say there’s no feeling quite like falling in love, and that may be true. But for those of us not in love? Hearing that shit all the time can get old. However, it’s worth remembering that being in love is a chemical reaction that stimulates our senses. So, when your friends boast about being in love, they’re essentially on drugs. As someone who is stone-cold sober in this sense, I believe there are several things that are probably even better than falling in love. 

1. Waking Up 

Yes, waking up is even better than being in love. It’s a new day and a new you; the mistakes of yesterday can be forgotten. The outfit you hated yesterday is a distant memory and the people who got on your bad side have a chance to redeem themselves. Stretch, yawn, and thank your lucky stars for a fresh start. 

2. The First Day Of Your Period 

Ah, the refreshing feeling you get when you see the first spot of blood. Whether pregnancy is on the table for you or not, you still know that all is right in the world and you get to purge out all that stagnant energy — no more breakouts, no more extreme irritability, just sweet cramps that most of us would take any day over the emotional pain of unrequited love. 

3. Summer Fridays 

It’s better than falling in love, and some scientists (like, you know, me) agree that it may even be better than sex. Getting to waltz out of work at noon in the summer is arguably more satisfying than announcing your relationship on social media. And you can’t put a price on freedom. 

4. The Sound Of A Cork Popping Off A Bottle Of Champagne 

There are few things that come close to the feeling you get when you hear the sound of a fresh bottle being popped — not the sound of waves crashing on rocks, not the sound of babies giggling, not hearing the words, “I love you” for the first time. Relish this brief moment and know that you can always repeat it by opening another bottle. 

5. Finding Something You Really Want On Sale 

It’s worth waiting for what you want: When the sunglasses you’ve been eyeing for months hit the sale rack, nab them up and rejoice in the feeling of victory. Wanna make it last forever? Take a selfie and add it to your Insta. You can rest assured that this thirst trap is far less annoying than any post about an S.O.’s birthday. 

6. The First Pull Of A Joint 

If you want a chemical reaction that doesn’t talk during every episode of “Euphoria,” then look no further: The first pull of a joint will have you on cloud nine faster than you can even say the words, “I love you.” If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where weed is legal, then you get to relish in a feeling that no one can take away from you whenever you damn well please. 

7. Finding A $20 Bill In Your Pocket

Yes, chile, you just found a dub in your pocket and life is good. You may not know where it came from, but you know it’s yours and even though it may have always been yours, it certainly feels like you just got richer. If you could ride this type of high all the time, you would scoff at the idea of needing to fall in love. 

8. Loving Yourself 

It’s hard to love yourself every day, but when you have a day where you catch a glimpse of your shadow and think, “Dayyyum, I’m fiiiiiine,” well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Be grateful for being you and remember you don’t need anyone to enhance your lifestyle. And, you don’t need a fresh fade or a new outfit to do this — fall in love with yourself just because you’re you.