If you’re looking to get out of town before the end of summer, look no further — we’ve got the top five places for singles to visit at your fingertips. We crunched some numbers, pulled some data, and did some digging to find the cities that all have one thing in common: they’re single, not sorry

These aren’t the usual suspects that have travel influencers drooling over their selfie sticks; they’ve been handpicked for the single traveler who craves adventure. But single doesn’t have to travel solo — lucky for you, these hot spots have so much activity on Tinder you can literally see the sparks flying from the plane.

Start packing! 

1. Katy, Texas 
Population: 18,282 
Home of: Renee Zellweger 
Great for: Working on that novel you keep talking about, vintage shopping, and people named Katy

What’s hotter than Katy, Texas? Literally nothing. Katy landed in the top 10 most Super Liked™ cities in the world, which automatically makes it a hot spot. Bring your shades, spring for a handheld fan, and keep your phone charged, but don’t forget your manners. This is Tinder country — a smile and “how y’all doing” goes a long way. 

2. Limerick, Ireland 
Population: 94,192 
Home of: Irish coffee 
Great for: Signing a treaty with a Tinder match, rugby fans, and castle hunting 

There may be a Limerick, Maine, a Limerick, Georgia, and a Limerick, NY, but there’s only one that made the top 10 most popular cities on Tinder. Wanna try your luck in Ireland? Grab some food, check out the street art, and bring someone along to walk the Living Bridge because you only live once. 

3. Geneva, Switzerland
Population: 198,979
Home of: The United Nations
Great for: Establishing peace with an old flame, banking, and aspiring polyglots 

When you think of Geneva, you probably think of the Alps or the Jura mountains, but the locals know it as being the seventh-most Super Liked™ city in the world. Go see St. Pierre’s Cathedral, give blood at the Red Cross Headquarters, or eat some famous chocolate, but don’t forget to send a few Super Likes along the way. 

4. Avellaneda, Argentina 
Population: 342,677
Home of: Two world championship football teams 
Great for: Soccer lovers, foodies, and the perfect profile pic

Located in Buenos Aires, Avellaneda is literally turning heads like no other: It’s the most popular place on Tinder based on swipes and the city with the most Super Likes™. Anything and everything is possible here — you can meet your match or, at the very least, catch one at Estadio Libertadores de América. But, it’s not all about soccer — in Avellaneda you’ll definitely find a keeper. 

5. Oxford, U.K. 
Population: 154,600
Home of: Oxford University 
Great for: Scholars, Oxford-comma enthusiasts, and sweater vests

Come for the first-class education, but stay for the matches. Oxford takes the number four spot among cities with the best luck on Tinder (i.e. the most matches). The City of Dreaming Spires sits in Oxfordshire, England — home to one of the most prestigious universities, the oldest public museum, and most importantly, Radiohead. But you won’t find too many creeps in this town, just future matches having tea and talking about the Queen.