Ah, the first message. Who’s going to send it? If you decide to take the plunge, do you lead by nodding to something from their bio? With a GIF? Do you take a risk and send a cliché pickup line? So. Much. Pressure. 

The first message is no doubt make-or-break, and fine-tuning your unique style of Tinder introduction is truly an art form. I’ve found that inserting (at least) a hint of your personality is key, as is starting off with an open-ended question or statement that invites comment. And if you’ve hit a wall after a string of icebreakers that led nowhere, it might be time to try something new — like tapping into astrology. Your zodiac sign reveals key characteristics, strengths, and personality insights that can help you slide into your match’s DMs with true star power. 


“Want to go skydiving this weekend?”

You have initiative and like to take charge, so when you find a potential match, lead with that adventurous first date idea — it’s an easy way to weed out the homebodies. You’ll also earn bonus points for making it clear you’re not just here to chat. You’re looking to take things IRL.


“I just made the most epic batch of chocolate-chip cookies. What’s your favorite kind of cookie?”

The real key to your heart? Food. Whether it’s a seven-course meal at a five-star restaurant or a thoughtful home-cooked dish, you feel most comfortable when fed not only emotionally, but also physically. If you’re hoping to eventually share countless meals together, you first need to match with someone who has good taste (and a good appetite). 


“Did you know that snakes can sense earthquakes up to 75 miles away?”

You’re like a walking Wikipedia page, spouting off factoids left and right. Intellectual compatibility is important to you, so if your match isn’t impressed with a fun fact, going on a date with them might be out of the question. If they one-up you with their own random tidbit, consider inviting them to trivia night — this way, you’ll see if they can balance out your team with their ’90s television series recall. 


“What show are you binging right now?”

Let’s face it: You’re a homebody. If it’s a weekend night, you’ve most certainly ditched your friends in favor of staying in bed and watching reruns. You’re sensitive but guarded — and ultimately looking for your forever love. So, if their taste in TV sucks or they aren’t the Netflix-and-chill type who will opt for staying in over hitting the clubs, it’s time to say “thank u, next.”


“What was your favorite thing about my profile?”

In your mind, you’re the star of the show, and you thrive on attention and adoration. Compliments go a long way, and if someone wants to keep you around, you’re going to need flattery on the reg. Figuring out what your match likes about you right off the bat will feed your ego and help you figure out which selfies are the real winners.


“Hi. What do you think about skipping the chit-chat and meeting IRL? You free this week?

You are on a tight schedule and your time is precious — you’re not going to aimlessly message back and forth for weeks. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress if you lead with your inner planner and ask directly about your match’s availability. Finding someone else who plans ahead, is organized, and has also started filling out their 2020 calendar will make your life so much easier. 


“If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy?”

The answer is simple for you, given your detailed wish list. Whether it’s a new addition to your guitar collection, concert tickets, or those Off White sneaks you’ve been eyeing, shopping is truly your cardio. Libras are known for their amazing taste and style — and for being superficial (shout-out to Kim K.). Learning how your match would spend their windfall can offer up some telling insight. And if they’re not supportive of a (semi-)occasional Amazon Prime spree, this potential union probably won’t develop.


“Two truths and a lie. Go.”

You’re like a human lie detector. As a Scorpio, you love to explore the minds, secrets, and psyches of others. And you crave deep bonds and intimacy. Asking your potential date for a few facts — and the opportunity to showcase your intuition — will shed light on how open they are to sharing their life story with you. And let’s be real: Most humans love to talk about themselves, so your chances of getting a response are high.


“I recently got back from Mykonos. Have you ever been?”

You thrive on excitement and exploration, so talking travel is a surefire way to test out your match’s adventurous side. You’re forever seeking your party partner in crime, and if they can’t handle Mykonos, this Sag probably isn’t for them. 


“Just upped my 401K contribution! How’s your night going?” 

You are not here to play. You may only be 22, but deep down you’ve already passed go, collected $200 (obvi saved that money), and arrived at a midlife crisis. You’re all business, and if your match isn’t responsible, serious, and appreciative of those traits in others, it isn’t going to fly.  


“Started a conspiracy theory fan club this weekend, hbu?”

Weird (in the best way), quirky, and eccentric, your personality is rooted in the unconventional. You want to make it clear that you’re ~different~. There’s no one out there like you (except all of the other conspiracy-theory-watching Aquariuses). There’s no time like the present to filter out the boring matches who don’t spend their weekends watching “Ancient Aliens.”


“What came first: the chicken or the egg?”

You’re always pining for something deep — the meaning of life, a soul connection, all that good stuff. Even on a Tuesday. So, if your match is open-minded enough and willing to ponder our existential purpose (or at least that of the chicken), you may have just Liked a keeper.