These days, finding love on a dating app is hardly an anomaly. In fact, a study conducted by SimpleTexting last year found that 13 percent of people are now engaged or married to someone they met on an app. Considering dating apps haven’t been around for very long, that’s not too shabby. It also means that the lying-about-how-we-met-stigma is (thankfully) no longer quite so common. Instead of couples blurting out that they connected “through friends,” they’ll openly admit to meeting online. And for us, that means a wealth of sometimes sweet, sometimes funny meet-cutes. After all, when you meet in person, it’s sometimes hard to remember exactly how the first exchange went. When you connect via app, calling up those memories is as easy as browsing your chat history or screenshots. 

Here, five real people spill what the first conversation with their partner looked like.


Jackson*, 32


Jackson: Hey, where was that picture taken? It looks ideal.

Jenna*: Hey! It’s the Mediterranean Sea. The water was so warm.

Jackson: Looks like it! I need to get out there one of these days.

Jenna: You definitely do! It was such a blast. This was from a trip I took to Greece last year.  


“I was semi-recently out of a relationship when I decided to get on the dating apps. I wasn’t sure I was looking for anything serious, but when I saw Jenna’s profile, I was instantly intrigued. Travel is a huge value of mine, so I was glad to see she clearly liked it too. After talking about travel for a while, I ended up asking Jenna out, and I’m so glad I did. We moved into my tiny studio together last March, and we haven’t killed each other yet! I’d say things are going pretty well.”


Callie*, 27


Callie: Hey! I see we’re from the same part of New Jersey.

John*: Oh yeah, it looks like we are. I wonder if we have any friends in common.

Callie: Why don’t you add me on Facebook and we can find out?

John: Done.


“When I first got on the dating apps, I was pretty intimidated by the whole thing. But a cute guy who was my age and grew up in my town caught my eye, and once we started talking, we realized we had a bunch of friends in common. Because of that, we had a ton to talk about on our first date and it made the whole meeting-the-friends thing pretty easy. We’ve been together for four years now!”



Olive*, 32


Geoff*: Hey!

Olive: Hey, what’s up?

Geoff: I see you’re into fashion. My sister works in fashion.

Olive: That’s cool, what does she do?


“To be honest, I don’t love when guys start a conversation with “hey.” It’s like, come on, can you try being a little more original? But Geoff caught my eye when he mentioned the fashion thing. It showed he had read my profile and wasn’t just looking a photos of me, which was a plus. We went out about a week after our first conversation, which looking back at now, I realize was kind of lame. But in person, we had some great chemistry. We’re getting married this fall!


Allison*, 26


Allison: Hey, cute T-shirt!

Adam*: Hey, thanks! My brother gave it to me hah.

Allison: Nice! So you guys are feminists.

Adam: Hell yes!


“There’s nothing I love more than a guy who’s a feminist. When I saw Adam was wearing a T-shirt that said “The Future Is Female’ in his profile picture, I was intrigued. And when he said his brother gave it to him, I was even more intrigued. He turned out to be just as big of a feminist in person, and his brother is awesome. We’ve been together for six months now. Pretty solid, right?”


Sonja, 23*


Abe*: Going to Whole Foods, want you to pick me up anything?

Sonja: Very clever.

Abe: I love when people pick up on my references.

Sonja: What can I say?


“I absolutely loved Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series, ‘Master of None,’ so when Abe hit me with that pickup line, I was pretty thrilled. I’m sure he used it on everyone — actually, I know he did because he admitted as much — but I still thought it was hilarious. We went on a date a week later, and we quickly found out we have similar taste in TV and movies. Go figure, right? We’ve been together nine months now.”


*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of the happily dating.