Hooray! 2020 is almost here, and with it comes plenty of new romantic opportunities. The cosmos predict that there will be highs and lows for us all — but the highs depend on us letting go of the past. With three Mercury retrogrades, plus the planet of love, Venus, and the action planet, Mars, also moving in retrograde motion (Venus will be retrograde from May 13th to June 25th, and Mars will be retrograde from September 9th to November 14th), there’s ample opportunity to slip into old relationship patterns and routines, which is why dating outside your type will be key in 2020. Doing so will spark connections with people from all walks of life — some of whom will become exes, lovers, flings, friends, or more. And if we quit the game-playing, every zodiac sign can expect an off-the-chart year for their dating life. 


Look out for an honest-to-goodness relationship to grow from a less formal situationship that starts in January, when you connect with someone who is on your emotional level. Beware of an ex who may pop back into your life and stand in the way of your romantic bliss in the beginning of September. Don’t let the past stand in the way of happiness with your new boo. 


Life feels like a real-life romance novel in 2020. Throughout the year, you’ll feel a pull toward a special someone who values you and your dreams — not just your sexual desires. You’ll spend much of the year vetting them to make sure they are the real deal and by time cuffing season rolls around, you will be deeply in love, not lust. 


Your dating life is on fire in 2020. Expect a lot of attention from your matches, but be forewarned it’s not all heart emojis and butterflies. While you are typically a love-the-one-you’re-with kind of dater, you’re now looking for someone who completes you — in a non-codependent way. 


The first three months of 2020 may bring romantic uncertainty your way thanks to an overzealous new flame. The relationship will start at a fast pace, which at times will overwhelm your cautious heart. By fall you’ll see their true colors, and their less than noble intentions may end the romance before it gets any more serious. Don’t stress about the breakup. When one door closes, another opens. 


We get that it’s hard to let go of old flames, but however tempted you are to keep your ex in your life, it’s important to open your heart to someone new in 2020. By May you’ll make a clean break. Within a matter of weeks, a few prospects will emerge. Getting out of your comfort zone and having fun with different people will help refresh your romantic inclinations.


In 2020, you’ll find the Harry to your Meghan, so to speak. A current situationship will blossom into a full-blown commitment. As long as the relationship is on equal footing, the odds of it lasting are high. Normally, you shy away from lovey-dovey hoopla, but after a few years worth of messy relationships, you’re all about broadcasting your glee. 


Mixing business and pleasure will lead you to a new crush when a friend of a colleague perks your interests in March. You’ll stand in what-are-we limbo with this person for a bit, but come summer, you’ll have the necessary DTR talk and decide to commit to each other.


For the first time ever, you’re opting to Nope those who don’t meet your high standards. Don’t despair — a better match is on their way over the summer. Still, it’s worth playing the field a little more before you commit. It will help you find out what you really want from your next relationship. 


As the seasons change, so does your heart. Just like fellow Sag, Miley Cyrus, you’ll have a hard time settling down with only one person in 2020. Be on high alert in May, when your desire to recycle an ex back into your dating pool consumes you. You’ll find someone new who shares your romantic philosophies in June. Still, you’ll find it’s best to keep the relationship casual


A new romance will heal past scars in the beginning months of 2020. Although the relationship will feel a lot like love, you may be unsure about taking it to the next level throughout the summer. But October will bring you clarity and peace of mind, allowing love to run smoothly.


April brings the promise of a new relationship your way. Be careful — your lovely rose-colored glasses may obscure the motivations behind someone’s seemingly affectionate actions. The relationship won’t fully take off until late July, when a heart-to-heart allows you to express your feelings in a way that positively changes the dynamic between you.


This is a year for flirting and flings — and you won’t be shy about sharing pics of your conquests. That is until you lock down a deeper commitment in November and your Instagram posts get all #couplegoals. Don’t let your friends’ eye-rolling burst your love bubble. You’ve put in the hard work to find this person, and 2020’s your time to show off.