We have all felt that sinking gut punch when we run into someone we had not mentally prepared to see that day. These instances are even more daunting on college campuses, where our exes that we hate, friends that we love, and teacher’s that we’ve pictured naked walk freely among us. Here are 10 quotes we’ve gathered from people who have very unfortunately run into their exes at school.

“My ex stole a paper I wrote and used it to apply to NYU, and ended up enrolling the next semester, which was my last. On my second to last day of classes ever, I ran into him. We spoke briefly. It wasn’t so bad until I checked my email later that night. He sent me a rambling message that ended with him saying he was going to vote for Hillary, so he couldn’t possibly be ‘sexist,’ followed by commenting that I looked good, although my ass didn’t look as nice as before and therefore ‘someone isn’t doing their job.’ It was the last time I saw him. Thank God.”


“Damn! That dude’s hot…Fuck, that’s him.”


“I ran into my ex on campus before I transferred to a different school. We lived 500 feet away from each other, which really sucked. Long story short: He was an asshole, and after we broke up, he wrote and released a song about me, which was one of the most awful things I’ve ever heard. The song was about how I slept with his roommate, but it also never mentioned how he basically slept with the entire school and rubbed it in my face. Anyways, I apologized, but we got in a huge fight in the middle of the quad, and tons of people were staring!”


“One time I ran into this boy I was seeing at FIT in one of NYU’s coffee shops. Mind you, this was after I broke up with him because he gave me chlamydia. I locked eyes with him while he was holding another boy’s hand and I immediately turned around to leave, and smacked right into the glass door, dropping all my books. The next day he texted me asking if I got a bruise.”


“I walked into a pre-graduation party where everyone was wearing their gowns with nothing on underneath. My ex was standing on the table leading chants and taking swigs from a bottle of fireball. His gown kept flying open, dick flopping around everywhere. I left, but sadly not before making some weird eye contact with him — and his dick.”


“One time I saw my ex while I was smoking on my porch. I leaned down on the chairs so he wouldn’t see me. When I peered back up to look over the porch he was staring right at me, looking very confused. I was so embarrassed and ducked back down. He must’ve thought I was insane.”


“Every time I ran into my ex—and I ran into him a lot—I ended up having sex with him. Oops.” – Sarah*

“The last week of school, there’s always a party where the bar stays open ’til 6 a.m. for graduating seniors. My ex and I had broken up a month before and he was there with his new girlfriend. Dude moves fast. Anyway, they were making out all over the place, not even three feet away from me. It was rough. He started to make his way through the crowd (while holding his new girlfriend’s hand) and had the nerve to grab my shoulder and say, ‘Hey, how are you?’ I took his hand, pushed it off my arm, and said, ‘Never touch me again.’ He looked at me so confused. Dumb kid!”


“I ran into my ex while I was eating at a restaurant on campus that he was a waiter at — and not even a real waiter. A fake waiter. What I’m saying is that he was a busboy. He had to clean my dirty plates.”


“I ran into my ex who I was still seeing pretty regularly (one of those messy ‘non-breakup’ breakups). It was Halloween and everyone was at this one bar. So we were at one end of the bar, chatting and flirting, but every few minutes he kept going to the other end. I assumed he was going to the bathroom, but it was too crowded for me to see what he was doing. Turns out his other ex was there, and he was literally going over there to talk and make out with her, then coming back to do the same with me.”



*Names have been changed