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Kelsey Blodget, Director Of Content

Kelsey Blodget, Senior Director Of Content

I’ve spent my career at the intersection of tech and media. Before Tinder, I worked at TripAdvisor, where I managed the editorial teams and digital strategy for Oyster.com and Jetsetter. Sometimes I spoke about the brands on TV. One time morning sickness caused me to throw up on a subway platform before a segment (the producers never knew!), but now I get to raise a truly wonderful tiny human. (I also have a cute dog, which means I basically know what it’s like to be a celebrity.) One of my skills is finding/internet stalking really talented people, and I’ve hired dozens of amazing employees over the years. Most of them still like me, so I think I’m a pretty OK boss. My writing has appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, The Los Angeles Times, ABC News, Maxim, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider, among other publications.

Ava McCartney, Director Of Content

I’m Ava, and I’m the director of content here at Tinder. I’ve made a career of telling stories, most recently at Refinery29 where I oversaw branded lifestyle content. I am, as my Instagram profile tells you, “always in a New York state of mind” as I was born and raised in Manhattan. I am told this makes me a unicorn. I’m easy to find in crowds because I’m 6′ and, chances are, the taller you are, the more I’ll like you. I wish all meals/snacks/experiences included chocolate, and I strongly believe you should get to know my adorable pup (I’m not biased or anything), Hobo.

Danielle Kam, Manager Of Content

Hi, I’m Danielle! But you can call me Dani. I’m the manager of content here at Tinder! Before this, I was an editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine where I wrote, edited, and worked on some cool branding stuff. I graduated from Indiana University with a major in journalism and a minor in gender studies. Oh, and I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia. And no, it’s not always sunny there. Other things you should know about me? I start planning next year’s Halloween costume on November 1st, get down on the basketball courts every week, and am a corndog aficionado.

Hannah Lindner, Senior Manager, Video

I am a Webby Award winning producer who loves making videos for the internetz. I come to Tinder after a tenure at Conde Nastwhere I produced digital content for Wired, GQ, Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair and more. I once reached the front page of Reddit from a repost and have felt guilty about it ever since. In my spare time I eat my vegetables and do yoga. I hope this will help me live longer than other people. 



Ahmed Fakhr, Director of Photography

Hi, I’m Ahmed. Before landing at Tinder I spent time working at Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and The Daily Beast.  I worked on conceptualizing and producing photo shoots for feature articles on digital and print, and commissioned photographers for music festivals. While working at Rolling Stone I was given a Harley Davidson motorcycle to drive around the country to interview people on their niche hobby.  For example, people actually race “yachts” on frozen lakes in the winter. When I’m not working I am searching the city for the best ramen!

Kristin Collins-Jackson, Staff Writer

Hello. I’m Kristin — no nicknames please. I’m a staff writer for Tinder, and previously covered sex and relationships, natural beauty and culture content for Bustle. I get my inspiration from my daily life because I can’t remember my dreams. A little bit about me? I’m emotionally 7 feet tall and I think waiting in line is the thief of time. Currently based in Los Angeles after spending a decade on the 3 train due to transit delays. It feels good to be free.
Kaelyn Lark
Hey, I’m Kaelyn, but I also respond to Kae, Kiki, and Koolaid (if you’re my mom). I am a staff writer for Tinder who hails from Los Angeles. After 10 years of dating here, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is very strange, but so am I, so it works out. I am an active member of the Beyhive and live by Larry David’s principles. When I’m not toiling away in front of my laptop, you can find me scouring my city for the best rooftop and Aperol spritz combo.
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